Canada is 150 this year! In this article we have listed our top five reasons for adoring Canada. What are yours?

  • Hockey

Hockey is one of Canada’s national sports. Anyone and everyone can play hockey. Join in the fun by getting yourself yourself skates and a hockey stick. Or if you want to stand back and watch, Canada has seven teams in the NHL. Canada’s favorite coffee even ties in to hockey. It was founded by Tim Horton, a former NHL professional hockey player.  

  • Maple

The maple leaf is a major part of the Canadian flag. It only makes sense that maple would be one of our top five reasons. The maple tree is a symbol of beauty but further than that it produces maple syrup. This syrup is fantastic on pancakes, waffles, french toast, crispy chicken, the list goes on. You can also try maple tea which is a wonderful breakfast and dessert tea.

  • Landscape

Canada’s landscape is vastly diverse. From the water bodies, to the forests, and from the mountains to the prairies there is something for everyone. Canada’s water bodies include lakes, rivers, ocean fronts, and waterfalls. Our greatest waterfall is the Niagara Falls. If you are seeking exploration and thrill check out the forests and mountains. Western Canada is famous for the skiing and snowboarding. And if you are seeking a place where you can see for miles check out the prairies.

  • Universal Health Care

Part of being Canadian is providing care and help to one another. Having universal health care is a large part of this. Our healthcare system provides care and help to anyone in need, regardless of financial status.

  • Democracy

Lastly, Canadians have an influence in their government. This way the government reflects the people’s values and represents who Canadians are globally. The government is known as leading change and equality. The leaders are elected by Canadians every 4 years.

Celebrate Canada Day in Calgary, Alberta

Start your day with a pancake breakfast and Tim’s at Confederation Park (starting at 9am). They will also be opening a 1967 time capsule! From there check out Prince’s Island Park (10 am till 6pm) for Taste of Quebec. Here you can try poutine, smoked meat, and maple goodies. Also check out East Village (10am till 6pm) for their food trucks. There are also activities and live music mainly throughout downtown which you can check out here. Finish the day off by watching the Calgarian night sky light up with fireworks. View this night display at these locations.   


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