It should be no surprise that Banff is one of the top tourist destinations in North America. It is an absolutely stunning place with the freshest air and the scenery and wildlife is pristine. The reason I say freshest air is because recently a company in Canada started bottling Rocky Mountain air and selling it around the world. If they took the time to start a company that sells air I imagine they did their homework and chose a place with some of the most refreshing air imaginable. You can check out the Rocky Mountain air here if you are interested in that sort of thing or just curious.


The town of Banff itself is like heaven for tourists. The shopping is unique and abundant, there is plenty of hiking around the area in the summer as well as biking, and in the winter the skiing is some of the best in the world. Banff also has their own Hot Springs and a number of very nice hotels if you plan to stay a few nights. If you plan to do hiking just be aware that you will require a Canada park pass in designated areas.

In the winter time skiing at Lake Louise Ski Resort is a breathtaking experience. There are certainly many ski resorts in this region to choose from but Lake Louise is one of the closest to Banff and in my opinion one of the biggest and most beautiful. Lake Louise has a gondola on the front side of the mountain as well as runs on the back side and additional runs which take you up a different part of the back side of the mountain. There are also a number of lodges which you can get your lunch at. I recommend The Lodge at the bottom of the back side of the Hill as it is less busy because it is less accessible for beginner skiers. Lake Louise is also open in the summer for gondola rides as you can pay to go up and sometimes there are bears to be seen on the hill.


If these pictures are making you antsy just wait until you experience Banff in person. The Rocky Mountain region of British Columbia and Alberta is an experience that should already be built into your bucket list. There is something for everyone in the family weather you like to relax or be active or shop or dine. If you are visiting Western Canada please be sure to checkout this amazing tourist hub while it is still so brilliant and open for visitors. You never know, one day we may not be so lucky to have a place like this in our backyard.


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