Halifax has a lot of history. This includes the Citadel, Halifax Explosion, Pier 21, and Titanic. Historically, Citadel was a military fortification. One of my favorite ways to learn about Halifax’s history is through a ghost walk. Halifax has many different walks to try. These include Tattle Tours, Citadel, and Halifax Ghost Walk. During these ghost walks you walk the everyday streets of Halifax. You also are lead to places that are not as common. And if you are lucky you may even encounter the supernatural. If haunted tours are not your thing there are many other tours you can take part in.



Continuing on from above, the Halifax Waterfront is full of history. There are museums, historic properties, ships, shops, galleries, and restaurants. These museums include the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 and Maritime Museum of the Atlantic (I will refer to this as MMA). Pier 21 was a gateway for one million immigrants. MMA provides a link of Halifax to the Titanic. The historic properties provided a place to safeguard pirates treasures. Arrr! If you want to test out your sea legs the ships docked at the waterfront provide dinner cruises. My favorite part about the waterfront is exploring the shops, galleries, and restaurants.  



Halifax has a beautiful 17 acres public Victorian garden. Ornamental gates serve as the entrance. Inside lays many floral displays, trees, shrubs, statues, and fountains. The floral displays showcase semi tropical and exotic plants. The gardens serve as marking milestones for Queen Victoria’s reign. You could definitely say this garden is Insta- Worthy.


Alexander Keith’s Brewery

Great Canadian beer and an experience like no other. This is a must for any beer drinker. The brewery will take you on a tour with an authentic guide dressed in costume. Along the tour you will meet significant people and learn the story of creation. The best part… wait for it… a pint of beer to end your tour. Non-alcoholic drinks offered as well.  


Fresh Maritime Food

Halifax is a seafood lover’s dream. The seafood is always fresh and offered at a majority of restaurants. Among the many different restaurants my favorite is The Bicycle Thief. This is an Italian restaurant that serves plates such as; handmade gnocchi, lobster rolls, beef tenderloin, and creme brulee. I returned to this restaurant at least three times in the span of four days. I also partook a dinner theater displaying the Big Twang Theory. This dinner theater was incredible and very engaging. The menu is all themed coming right down to test tube shots. To conclude your culinary experience Halifax is also full of markets. These include the Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market and Historic Farmer’s Market.


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