If you have never been on a cruise in your life then I would highly recommend it since it is the ultimate vacation. Cruising offers the opportunity to visit a number of countries in a short amount of time while relaxing and returning to the ship in the evenings to relax. All the meals are included and the variety of food is extraordinary. Specifically, I will be talking about cruising in the Caribbean. The Caribbean is made up of the islands which reside in the Gulf of Mexico.

Not all of the Caribbean countries will be included here since I can only speak for the ones I’ve been to. The destinations I went to aboard the cruise ship were Montego Bay (Jamaica), Georgetown (Grand Cayman Island), and Cozumel (Mexico).

First stop, Jamaica!
Jamaica is a beautifully scenic and mountainous plus with loads of tropical plants and lush forest. You absolutely feel like you are in the Caribbean when you step foot onto Montego Bay. It is certainly not hard to get help from the locals if you are looking for things to do (they are looking for tourist money) but they are very friendly and the island is yours to explore. Jamaica’s main economic engine is tourism so you can expect that there are many excursions available and many resorts as well as shopping destinations. We had a private driver show us all around Montego Bay for a few hours everything from the mansion of the White Witch to the old sugar cane production sites where the slaves used to work. We also witnessed the different neighborhoods and types of housing as well as got to taste some of the nation’s own Red Stripe beer, which is a very good beer by the way. Jamaica is one of the most laid-back places I’ve ever been, more so than Mexico even.

Next stop, Grand Cayman Island!
Grand Cayman Island is a beautiful and small island. It is a much smaller place than Jamaica with one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in the world, Seven Mile Beach. This beach consists of white sand and fantastic resorts. The beach is where we spent most of our time on this island. There are also some good shopping options if you go into town and the locals do not haggle tourists for money. This island is highly recommended and beautiful for relaxing on. It is not very large though so I imagine the amount of excursions are limited but they certainly do exist.

Third stop, Cozumel!
Gotta love Mexico. The laid back culture is perfect for vacationing and the people are very friendly. Mexico is the best place to sit down on an elevated patio to take in the sun, look at the ocean, and drink cheap Coronas. Shopping is also lots of fun in Mexico because of the uniqueness of the items available and the great prices for which they can be bartered for. Getting around is reasonably priced and there are many excursion options from snorkeling to renting scooters to ride around on. There are also the Mayan ruins to explore and the amazing Mexican culture is one to cherish.


After three fantastic days of sun, culture, and scenery, there was the chance to head back to living and travelling on the ship for another day. There are great entertainment options available such as live theatre, live music, gambling, everything. The food is delicious and never-ending. Once the cruise was over I felt replenished and relaxed but am missing the lifestyle and cherishing the memories that were all created in that short week abroad.


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